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King Purchase Evaluation Video 1 hour 3 min

King Pleasure Show Video - Adult Reinsmanship 16 min 7 sec

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1992 15.2 Black Canadian Horse Gelding


818-790-7959 or Heidi@EquiStudioProductions.com



King excels in driving and as a trail horse. He has superb movement in single harness and loves his job. He has a light mouth, is very sensible and not easily spooked. King has a lovely reaching walk and a trot which shows beautiful extension and elevation. He has been hitched as a pair one time and he took to it quite readily. As a trail horse, he will lead or follow equally well. He crosses water without hesitation. He is green to arena flat work, but would undoubtedly excel with regular work. He is light and moves forward easily off your leg. He has also been schooled over jumps and is quite willing. We took him to what we believe was his first pleasure driving show and he behaved as if he had been doing them all his life.

More photographs of King



King Standing


King Extended Trot

Extension and elevation at the extended trot

King Slow Trot In Arena 1st Photo

Slow trot

King Slow Trot In Arena 2nd Photo

Slow trot

King In Line Up

In the lineup at his first pleasure show- Single Pleasure Horse Class- 2nd place out of 9 entries

Saddle and Harness Association - September 14, 2008 - Norco, California - Indoor arena

King's Pedigree







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