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What is included in a Purchase Evaluation Video Package?

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A Purchase Evaluation Video is a 35 - 60 minute video filmed in a single take without edits or cuts. A horse demonstrates its ground manners and performance skills in a format which creates a virtual sales visit experience for the Internet buyer. The video is recorded in high definition using a professional grade camera.


Also included in the package is a custom web site where your Purchase Evaluation Video is hosted privately on a large format viewing screen - not YouTube. In addition to the full length video, subclips from the original video are provided to allow review of specific aspects of a horse's performance without the need to search through the entire full length video. The web site is hosted for six months. Extensions are available thereafter in monthly increments.


Up to five DVDs are provided so that buyers who do not have sufficient Internet speed to easily view the videos may evaluate their purchase prospects on a full screen TV format. HD Blu-Ray format is available.


Who Does A Purchase Evaluation Video Package Benefit?


Are you considering a prospect in the greater Los Angeles or outlying areas of southern California? Do you know someone who has purchased a horse from the Internet, sight unseen, with nothing to go on but a few photographs and a grainy video of a horse running around in a field? We do, and we know the risks associated with doing so. A buying mistake can be an expensive proposition.

EquiStudio Productions can provide you with an unbiased look at your southern California purchase prospect performing the same activities you would ask to see if you were there in person. We customize the video to focus on the attributes which are of the greatest importance to you. You provide a list of desired behaviors and we film the video and place it on the Internet within 48 hours of the shoot. We follow up with a DVD in the mail so you can view your prospect in full screen television format. Or you can commission videos of several horses to narrow down your choices before making a visit to southern California. If you decide to purchase a horse, we can video your veterinary prepurchase exam and host it on the web as well as provide you with a DVD.


A Purchase Evaluation Video package shows that your horse can perform as advertised. It provides a buyer with a true picture of a horse's behavior and abilities on the day the video was shot. It is an excellent tool to provide your buyer with confidence that the horse you are advertising is the one they will get.

In the time it takes to film one video, you can expose your horse to thousands of prospective buyers. The inquiries you receive are from educated prospects who know a great deal about the horse they are considering. Give yourself an advantage over the competition by showing your buyers what they want to see. Expand your pool of prospects by providing a tool distant buyers can use to seriously consider, and comfortably make, a long distance purchase.

We provide you with a professional looking web page where you can market your horse. Simply include the web address in your online advertising. A web counter is provided so you can track your hits. A Purchase Evaluation Video is more affordable than a high-priced sales video production which can run $1,000.00 per finished minute.A color photo of your horse is printed directly onto your DVD and provides a professional looking product to your buyer. It is housed in a full length feature film sized case and includes a custom color cover.


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Use the following list of ground manners and performance attributes to create your custom video.

Ground manners - Standing

  Catch in stall   ● Pull mane
  Brush face   ● Blanket
  ● Brush body   ● Fly spray (with water in bottle)
  ● Brush legs   ● Tie to tie rail
  ● Handle ears   ● Tie in cross-ties
  ● Comb mane and tail   ● Hose off legs and body
  ● Clean feet   ● Hose face
  ● Hold one front and hind foot as for farrier for 15 seconds   ● Sweat scraper
  ● Hammer on one front and hind foot with hoofpick as for farrier   ● Clip muzzle
  ● Wormer (with water in syringe)   ● Clip bridle path
  ● Braid forelock   ● Clip legs/feet
  ● Braid mane (one braid at top)   ● Measure height of horse
  ● _______________________________    


Ground manners - Moving

  Lead up and back at walk and trot   Load into trailer
  Lead in circle both directions at walk and trot    


Ground manners - Tacking up

  ● Saddling up and girthing/cinching   ● Harnessing
  ● Bridling - show bit being used   Putting to


Under Saddle - Basics

  ● Mounting from mounting block   ● Medium canter/lope
  ● Mounting from ground   ● Extended canter/lope
  ● Walk on long rein   ● Changes of lead - simple and flying
  ● Walk with contact   ● Halt
  ● Slow trot/jog   ● Rein back
  ● Medium trot/jog   ● Transitions
  ● Extended trot/jog   ● Cavaletti
  ● Slow canter/lope   Trot poles


At Liberty

  ● Walk, trot/jog, canter/lope   ● Free jumping
  ● _______________________________    


Markings, Conformation and In-Hand Movement

  ● Side, front and back views   ● Lead around in circle, both directions at walk and trot
  ● Slow close-up scan of all body parts   ● Custom Halter patterns as requested
  ● Lead up and back at walk and trot, then halt    
  ● _______________________________    



  ● Front views of jumping   ● Water complex or liverpool
  ● Side views of jumping   ● Oxer
  ● Combinations   ● Measure jump heights
  ● Vertical    



  ● Show movements appropriate to showing and schooling levels   ● Request specific dressage test (s)
● Focus on/repeat specific movements    
● _______________________________    


In Harness

  Walk   Hazard
  Slow trot   Figure 8
  Working trot   Mailbox
  Strong trot   Bridge
  Halt   360 degree turn
  Transitions (specify)   "L" obstacle
  Rein back   "U" obstacle
  Cones (include offset pair)    



  ● Walk-in   ● Spin
  ● Circles - fast/slow   ● Rollback
  ● Flying change   ● Back
  ● Rundown   ● Pivot
  ● Sliding stop   ● Pause/hesitate
  ● ______________________________  



  ● Crossing water   ● Jumping
  ● Going up/down hills   ● Whoa/stand quietly
  ● Going through gates   ● Back straight/around corners
  ● Stepover   ● Emergency dismount
  ● Drag or pull   ● Lateral movement
  ● Stationary obstacles (specify)   ● Turn on forehand/hindquarters
  ● Moving obstacles (specify)   ● Tailing



● Herd work   ● Controlling cow
  ● _______________________________    



  ● Stand in the box   ● Holding steer
  ● Stopping steer    
  ● _______________________________    


Other discipline and breed specific requirements as requested

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Things to know before your video shoot.

A Purchase Evaluation Video (PEV) replicates as closely as possible a buyer visit to your farm or ranch to view a purchase prospect. You or your prospective buyer has requested a list of items to be filmed. You will determine which items are appropriate and safe for your equine to perform BEFORE we begin taping. You are encouraged to provide comments and explanations throughout the taping as you would to a buyer.

You will be guided through each of the PEV tasks during the filming process. Don't worry if your equine does not perform every task perfectly. Your safety and that of your equine is of paramount importance. If you feel either is in jeopardy at any time, please stop the exercise or task.

The filming is completed in one take, uncut and unedited, just as though a prospective buyer were present.

All handlers must sign a release of liability. Minors must have signed consent of both parents and one parent present at the shoot.

Tips for a successful shoot:

#1 - Your equine is the star. A clean, groomed horse goes a long way toward making a good impression. In many cases grooming will be part of the behaviors requested by the buyer, however these only show the horse's response to grooming. Your equine should be clean and groomed appropriate to its discipline as though it were going to a show. Hunter, jumper or dressage braids may be done beforehand, leaving the forelock and one braid at the poll to be done on the video if requested by the prospective buyer. French braids may be done beforehand and redone at the conclusion of the video to show the horse being braided.

The handler should be neatly dressed in attire appropriate to the discipline being shown. Hair should be pulled back and put up to avoid the perception of bouncing which may detract from the appearance of the horse. A supportive bra should be worn for the same reason.

Prepare all supplies and obstacles (clippers, jumps, barrels, etc.) and have them in place and ready to use.

All trailers must be hitched to a tow vehicle if they are to be used in a loading demonstration.

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Purchase Evaluation Video - $325

  • Approximately 35 - 60 minutes of video showing your prospect's ground manners, behavior and performance in your chosen discipline(s). Filmed in HD.
  • Custom designed web page hosting large format, full length video for 180 days (six months). Includes a gallery of subclips of each behavior performed in the Purchase Evaluation Video. Subclips allow repeat viewing of specific behaviors without searching through the full length film.
  • Up to five DVDs with 6 color disc printing. Feature movie sized DVD packaging with custom color insert. HD Blu-Ray available at my cost per disc - currently $8.00 for non printable discs, $19.00 for printable discs.
  • Free travel within 50 miles of La Canada zip code 91011 ($1.50/mile for each mile beyond 50 miles)
  • 10% discount off Purchase Evaluation Video price for each additional horse at same location on the same day.

Purchase Evaluation Video Lite - $225

  • Purchase Evaluation Video burned straight to DVD and forwarded to your address - no web hosting or subclips

Veterinary Prepurchase Exam Videos- $175

  • Includes web page video hosting and DVD


Camera High Definition Canon XH A1

Extension of web hosting after initial six months is available at $15 per month

Additional DVDs: $15 each or 5 for $60


The seller will be contacted the evening before or morning of a shoot to confirm. If upon arrival the seller is not available or unprepared to show the equine, a cancellation fee of $50.00 shall apply. Cancellations are accepted 24 hours before a shoot is scheduled.

Taped video exceeding one hour will be billed at a rate of $100/hour in 15 minute increments.

Horses For Sale

Purchase Evaluation Videos commissioned by our sellers follow the same uncut, single take filming format as those produced for our long distance buyers.

A Purchase Evaluation Video gives a buyer a true picture of the horse's behavior and ability on the day the video was shot; an invaluable tool for the buyer and more affordable than a high-priced sale production which can run $1,000.00 per finished minute.



Jewels Name



Jewel Head Shot

Jewels Name

8 year old, 14.3 Arabian Gelding - $9,500


Jewel Head Shot

Jewels Name

16 year old, 16.0 Belgian Warmblood Mare


Baloos Head

Baloos Name

SOLD - 8 year old, 16.3 Thoroughbred Gelding


Kings Head

Kings Name

1992 15.2 Black Canadian Horse Gelding $3500


Kings Head

Kings Name

1996 15.3 Running Quarter Horse Mare $7500



Prepurchase Evaluation Video Package

A full length Prepurchase Evaluation Video runs approximately 45 to 60 minutes in length. The video is filmed continuously with no cutting or editing to remove mistakes. It shows a horse's behavior and performance as it was on the day the video was filmed.

This sample web page (link provided below) hosts a 46 minute, 4 second video of a Canadian Horse showing ground manners, trailer loading, a close-up of markings and conformation, flat work, jumping and deworming. Subclips of each behavior are provided to allow repeat viewing of specific behaviors as desired.


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